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About Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan

The Founder

Bhakt Hansraj Ji Maharaj

Pujniya Pitaji Maharaj was born on 2nd October 1916 in an affluent family at Chinot Mandi, Jhang Zill (now in Pakistan). He lost his father when he was only 10 and was raised by his grandfather. Little did one know that this fatherless boy would one day grow up to be a father to millions. Pujya Pitaji grew up in an affluent business background where he learnt the wheeling and dealing and money management from his grandfather who was a personality to reckon with. In 1947 during partition when the Vij family left Pakistan, they were allotted land in Gohana by the government in place of what they left behind. During the days of struggle, Pujya Pitaji never lost his faith. He maintained his relationship with his guru. He did not stop jaap and he continued the works of sewa (service) and satsang.

Pujya Maaji says "Pujya Pitaji through his way of life has shown me “how to live”. There is no difference in Pita ji’s saying and doing. Neither does he ever worry, nor does he become angry. Scolding is a farfetched thing. He gives everyone appropriate love and respect in his family as well as social life. He is an ideal father, brother, father-in-law, neighbor and an ideal citizen.” When he is seated in the Satsang, he seems different. But he always feels like Pitaji only. He is humble, truthful and generous. He is always ready to render help. The moment he gets off from his car at a destination, his foremost concern is the driver getting care and food. For him every person is like his own son. Often people say that PujyaPitaji is Guru of the rich, but I have seen him going to small homes for path and jaap. People of Gohana are very simple. PujyaPitaji is always present in their happiness and sorrows. At the farm, he sits with people for hours on his Chaarpai and talks with them. At home, he is a father, at farm he is a farmer, on the road an ordinary person and at the pulpit, a Guru". Gohana- Punya Bhoomi

When Swamiji Maharaj visited Gohana in 1959, he blessed Pitaji and Gohana saying that it is a “Punya Bhoomi”. He had said it at a time when Ram Sharnam had not been made. And today it is a Punya Bhoomi where millions of devotees come from all over India and the world to seek refuge from the turmoil and stresses of life and gain their inner faith and confidence and peace of mind.

Pitaji adds about Pujya Maaji and Pujya Krishan ji Maharaj, “Ever since Krishan ji has returned from college and Rekhaji reached our home, they have been of tremendous help to me and done such works of Satsang, which were beyond me. The expanse of Gohana Ashram is fruition of their understanding, meditative efforts, service and humility”.

The Mentor

Pujya Krishan Ji Maharaj Ji

Naturopathy makes us aware of our innate relationship with nature. Our bodies are composed of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether) that naturopathy uses effectively to fine-tune our bodies and get us tuned into nature. These elements are used to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and strengthen the immune system against the disease causing agents present in the environment. Yoga enhances our power to self-heal our mind and body and allows us to connect with our inner energies. It helps us to get rid of all negative energies and toxins within and multiply our positive energies.

Naturopathy uses the scientific approach of ancient nature cure accompanied with yoga to heal the mind and body as per the diagnostics of modern medical science. These therapies have a holistic approach to manage diseases.

The diet prescribed by the doctors is disease or ailment cure specific and may vary from other patients. The food is part of nature and each fruit and vegetable has its unique compositional and healing value. The doctors are specialized in prescribing the combination and time specific diet to let each patient gain their optimum energy levels. Food in naturopathy works like medicine and not a source to fill up the stomach – a concept that those newly enrolled need to understand.

It is advised, that when enrolling in the program, it is highly important to understand and adhere to the importance of the treatment being received, prescribed food and exercises and the same must be followed when discharged from the program. It is easy to achieve the optimal balance of the body in a favorable environment but a challenge to maintain the balance in real life. So leave with a strong will and take-up the challenge to maintain.