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Types of Accommodations

Minimum stay is for three nights


Premium Room (lawn facing) Including stay and all meals

(Kit – Big towel + Eye wash cup + Tissues + Green tea + Disposable)


Charges (per night)

Rs. 2800/- (Double Occupancy)

Rs. 2200/- (Single Occupancy)

Extra Mattress Charges – 1000/-


Executive Room Double Occupancy (Including stay and all meals)

(kit – Eye wash cup + Tissues)


Charges (per night)

Rs. 2400/- (Double Occupancy)

Rs. 1800/- (Single Occupancy)

Extra Mattress Charges – 750/-

Dormitory A/C (Four Beds)

(Including stay and all meals)

(Kit – Eye wash cup + Tissues)


   Charges per night (per bed)

    Rs. 800/-

Sanjeevani Cottage (2 Bedrooms)


   Charges (per night)

    Rs. 5000/-

Personal Attendant/Drivers accommodation – Rs.500/- (per night)

The tariff of accommodation covers:

Consultation, All meals, Shatkarma, Yoga, Meditation, Gym, Swimming Pool, Fun activities & Satsang at Ashram.


Naturopathy treatment Charges Rs 2500/- per Sadhak / per day including Physiotherapy & Acupressure: -

Naturopathy treatment includes Steam, Sauna, Massage, Jaccuzi, Mud- laip, Hip bath, 

Compress, Wet Sheet Lapait, Sun Bath, Tharmolium, Local Steam Lapait etc. as prescribed by the Doctor.

Extra treatments like Acupuncture, Mud Therapy & Colon Irrigation will be chargeable & decided after the doctors consultation.


Ayurveda treatment Charges Rs 2500/- per Sadhak / per day including Physiotherapy: -

 Ayurveda treatments will be from Abhyanga/Netra tarpan/Greeva Vasti/Hrid Vasti/Janu Vasti/Kati Vasti/ Patra Pinda Swedana/Nadi Swedana/Neruha Vasti/Matra Vasti/ Anuvasana Vasti/Nasya/ Shirodhara/ Shiro abhyanga/ Pichu/Sadyo Virechan. 

The package includes one treatment from the above-mentioned list.

Extra treatments like Prishtha Vasti/Choorna Swedana/Pizzhichil/Udvartanam/ Abhyanga+Shirodhara/ Abhyanga+Nasya/Abhyanga+Kati Vasti/Abhyanga+Janu Vasti/Abhyanga+Patra Pind Swedana - will be chargeable & decided after the doctors' consultation.

1. Booking Procedure

  1. Check availability
  2. Fill your complete form
  3. Deposit advance:

In Premium room (non-refundable) = Rs.6000/-  

In Executive room  (non-refundable) =   Rs.5000/- 

In Dormitory  (non-refundable) =   Rs.4000/-

                   Get confirmation from Sanjeevani

2. Diet & Treatment will be prescribed by the Doctor

3. Age limit: Maximum 70 - 75 years with doctor’s recommendation & Weight limit: Maximum 130 kgs

4. Alcohol tobacco, pan-masala, smoking, and other substances use is strictly prohibited in the premises.

5. Mobile phones are not allowed in the Treatment area & Yoga Hall. 

6. No Indoor Patient is allowed to go out of Sanjeevani boundary without written permission of doctor concern as it is not beneficial for their health.

7. An individual suffering from heart problem & infectious diseases will not be enrolled in the programme.


9. Things to bring –Two Towels, under-garments, swimming costume, walking shoes etc.- I.D Proof, Medical reports & medicines.

10. Facility of Lab Test, Beauty Parlor and Herbal Shopee is available in the institute.

Every Sadhak has to pay 2% Staff Welfare on the Total Bill

Full Payment at the time of Check-in

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